Ongoing Projects and Research Areas

Dual Process Models of Health

An ongoing series of theory tests using correlational and meta-analytic techniques to assess the role of rapidly enacted, automatic processes on health behavior, and how these automatic processes work alongside or interact with consciously held beliefs.

Key Collaborators: Professors Kyra Hamilton and Martin Hagger

Affect, Diet, and Physical Activity

A series of correlational and interventional studies, investigating the interactive effects between expected affect and automatically activated affective responses in predicting hedonistically pleasing or displeasing behaviours, such as physical activity, sedentarism, and sugar consumption.

Key Collaborators: Professors Kyra Hamilton and Ryan Rhodes

E-Cigarettes and Alternative Nicotine Intake

A multi-national series of studies investigating the demographic and social cognitive correlates of e-cigarette uptake, use, and addiction in young people.

Key Collaborators: Professors Kyra Hamilton and Martin Hagger

Modelling Consumers Enviromental and Purchasing Behaviors

Investigating the demographic and social cognitive correlations of engagement in pro-environmental  behaviours like recycling, as well as investigating the efficacy and mechanisms of action behind the implementation of recycling based policy changes, such as container deposit schemes or the removal of single use plastics.

Key Collaborators: Professors Kyra Hamilton and Martin Hagger

Road Safety

A series of research projects investigating the predictors of engaging in dangerous road behaviours, including dangerous e-scooter use, road rule violations, and dangerous driving. 

Key Collaborators: Professor Kyra Hamilton and Dr Thomas Hannan

Physical Activity in the Family (The ProAct Project)

Working as part of the ProAct project, developing and testing an integrated social cognition model based intervention targeted at inactive Finnish families. 

Key Collaborators: Professors Martin Hagger and Keegan Knittle.

Emotions, Stress, and Pressure in Students

Investigating the role of individual differences, social cognition, and emotions on how students handle pressure and commitments in schooling, and how these factors relate to stress, burnout, and health.

Key Collaborators: Dr Milla Saarinen


For up to date current research from Daniel, and from Kyra Hamilton’s HAPI lab see: