IAT Constructor

IAT Constructor is a freely available, open source program for creating IATs and SC-IATs to run within the Millisecond framework. The current version of IAT creator is in beta format, but includes the following features:

  • One click creation of IATs or SC-IATs with custom stimuli sets.

  • Inbuilt scoring with no error correction, D-2SD error correction, and D600 error correction.

To use the current version IAT Creator program you require Microsoft Excel and Windows. For more information, a full feature list, and a change log, please see the OSF site wiki.

If you do choose to use this program, please use the following citation:

Phipps, D. J. (2019). IAT Creator: a simplified method of creating IAT based experiments for Millisecond Software. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/MSU2V

The IAT Constructor files are available on the OSF page or below.